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Machine Made Or Hand Made

This is probably a question that has come across a lot of people when it comes to several things. From daily purchases of their clothing to buying something special like a gift or a card for a loved one. One need to realize that both are good options and both has its advantages over each other. It all depends on what kind impression or what kind of message are you trying to give by buying either of them.

Looking at machine made one could say the reason machine is preferred is because it faster and cheaper compared to hand made. It is cheaper due to the economics of scale as the machine can use little effort to make more. Thus little labor and more production are put in to the process of making the products. When machines make products, all the products look the same so there is no competitive advantage that this product is better than the other. It is a fair choice of reasons to opt for a machine made products for rose gold foil invitations.

Let us look at handmade products. If you look at the world today everything is of machine made so then handmade is automatically made special because it don’t always come handmade easily. Normally when it comes to hand made products their target is high end and put in great care to deliver the best product. Not all the products are identical because of different people involving in the product in it depends on the person skill set. The reason it could be expensive is because the focus that an individual needs to put in to make sure the product comes out perfect is immense that means the effort put in to making it a lot – from the design to the cutting of the material. This is where the real beauty of a handmade product comes out. For example let’s take engagement party invites. If you give them out as handmade and made naturally how beautiful do you think it would look. You imagination probably thinks of something nice.

This is because it has stamped itself in your mind that it will always be thoughtful and nice and that’s how everyone else would think. So next time when giving something and you want it to mean something make it handmade if you can’t afford it make something yourself. It can be anything from a birthday cards to a milestone baby cards.

Both have their advantages you see, one is cost cutting while the other is all about being styling and beautiful. Like I mentioned early it all depends what you want mean when given something to a friend.